Biometrics done right?

There’s been lots of talk online about biometrics, sparked by apple’s recent iPhone, that includes the ability to unlock the phone (and, then your iTunes account from the phone) with your fingerprint.

Some articles seem to suggest that biometrics is a terrible idea, but seem to missing the details of Apple’s very clever implementation.

Using biometrics alone is, quite simply, a bad idea for all the reasons identified in the article above. But that’s not what’s happening with the new iPhone. As part of a two-factor-authentication scheme, where both the stored copy of the fingerprint, and the tech to verify it are stored in a physical object you control, biometrics can work brilliantly!

So, if you mix something you have (iPhone) with something you are (fingerprint), you actually have the potential for a really good authentication system.

That’s not to say that some tech companies won’t see Apple’s new iPhone as an excuse to come out with really BAD biometric systems…

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