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Popularity Contest Widget (1.01)

I fixed a minor (but annoying) bug in the Popularity Contest Widget, as identified by Zer0, and described in this thread.

Hopefully now you won’t get the widget title displaying twice! As for the other issues Zer0 mentioned (i.e., that you can only get the most popular 10 items without modifying the plugin), I don’t have any immediate plans to change that, but it’s not hard to change – just look for the line “<?php akpc_most_popular(); ?>“and add whatever you like in the brackets! (obviously you need to know how akpc_most_popular works, but that’s more Alex King’s department…

As usual, visit the project page for more info, or to download the plugin.

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Finally! Google Reader Search

I’ve been using Google Reader for a long time now, ever since they did their last major update nearly 12 months ago, I put aside Egress on my Windows Mobile phone, and various desktop RSS readers in favour of Google Reader.

Of course, as anyone who’s used Google Reader knows, it lacked the one thing Google has always been known to do well – that is, search! I tried various Greasemonkey scripts, but was never happy with any of them.  But now, finally GOOGLE READER HAS SEARCH!

Google Reader Has Search, About Bloody Time!

All I can say is, … about bloody time! 😉