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“Now Reading” Google Sitemaps Plugin (v1.1)

I’ve released the first version of my “Now Reading” Google Sitemaps Plugin, a very quick-and-dirty modification to the Google Sitemaps UTW Tag Plugin.

Now Reading” is an expansive WordPress plugin which allows you to maintain a virtual library of books. If you use Google Sitemaps, however, you might miss out on all those books being included in the sitemap.xml file it generates.

View the project page for more info or to download it.


We’ve Moved!

Given there was so little there anyway, and it didn’t quite fit in with the rest of my blog, I’ve gone and moved any tech-related stuff over to it’s new home,

This site has just been a quick-and-dirty wordpress install, but I’ll have a play around with it when I get the time to make it a little more like home.

Welcome, to sobriquet Tech!