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WordPress Coppermine Plugin 0.2.1

Texx has updated his coppermine plugin, so I’ve gone and hacked it again.

Changes I’ve made:

  • Modified tag names so it plays nicely with Markdown
  • Changed links to images, linking directly to the coppermine album, rather than a custom popup window.
  • Fixed bug where commas after the cpg album tag would interfere with the plugin.
  • Added option to only display JPG files (can be customised to other file types)

Download from the WP Coppermine Plugin Project page.

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Coppermine Plugin

I’ve had a request for the modified code for the WordPress Coppermine Plugin, originally written by Texx. It’s just a rough hack, but I thought I’d make my code available:

Please see the file: WordPress Coppermine Plugin.

Update: Future work and details about this plugin will be located on the WP Coppermine Plugin Project page.