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Popularity Contest Widget (1.01)

I fixed a minor (but annoying) bug in the Popularity Contest Widget, as identified by Zer0, and described in this thread.

Hopefully now you won’t get the widget title displaying twice! As for the other issues Zer0 mentioned (i.e., that you can only get the most popular 10 items without modifying the plugin), I don’t have any immediate plans to change that, but it’s not hard to change – just look for the line “<?php akpc_most_popular(); ?>“and add whatever you like in the brackets! (obviously you need to know how akpc_most_popular works, but that’s more Alex King’s department…

As usual, visit the project page for more info, or to download the plugin.

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Popularity Contest Widget (1.0)

Popularity Contest by Alex King which assigns posts a popularity, I’ve created a quick widget to display the most popular posts in the sidebar.

View the project page for more info or to download it.


“Now Reading” Google Sitemaps Plugin (v1.1)

I’ve released the first version of my “Now Reading” Google Sitemaps Plugin, a very quick-and-dirty modification to the Google Sitemaps UTW Tag Plugin.

Now Reading” is an expansive WordPress plugin which allows you to maintain a virtual library of books. If you use Google Sitemaps, however, you might miss out on all those books being included in the sitemap.xml file it generates.

View the project page for more info or to download it.


Coppermine Again

Well, I’ve officially been outdone! Brad Guilford has updated Texx’s coppermine plugin again, and, it’s so good, that I’m using it on my site now!

Brad seems to have made all the changes that I had (including linking directly to the coppermine page, rather than a popup window) and has added a number of other new features!

You can check out Brad’s update to this plugin at 55 Rue Plumet. So, until I find something that needs tweaking in Brad’s version, I think I’ll be quite happy to continue using his!


WordPress Coppermine Plugin 0.2.1

Texx has updated his coppermine plugin, so I’ve gone and hacked it again.

Changes I’ve made:

  • Modified tag names so it plays nicely with Markdown
  • Changed links to images, linking directly to the coppermine album, rather than a custom popup window.
  • Fixed bug where commas after the cpg album tag would interfere with the plugin.
  • Added option to only display JPG files (can be customised to other file types)

Download from the WP Coppermine Plugin Project page.

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Coppermine Plugin

I’ve had a request for the modified code for the WordPress Coppermine Plugin, originally written by Texx. It’s just a rough hack, but I thought I’d make my code available:

Please see the file: WordPress Coppermine Plugin.

Update: Future work and details about this plugin will be located on the WP Coppermine Plugin Project page.